The more systems the better in business! Relying on your brain can be quite a challenge after a while (Image Credit to Vault Boy from Fallout!)

The more systems the better in business! Relying on your brain can be quite a challenge after a while (Image Credit to Vault Boy from Fallout!)

It’s a great thing when your business is growing. That is you are getting more clients, improving your margin, getting rave reviews and also building your reputation across town.

I have been very lucky to claim that status late last year and 2015 has been one of favourable growth and success for me. It’s awesome and like many of my clients, I have been improving the Systems in my business over the past 3 months especially.

That is I am busy, my business is more complex, there are key things to do all the time. I used to really ‘run on memory’ and these days there is no more of that. For me, unless it’s in my diary / Outlook Calendar it won’t happen. I have so many clients I have to keep an eye on billings, I must make sure my projects are growing, people are paying their bills and all is happening.

You may be in a similar position in your own way and key areas of “Systematizing” for me include:

– Marketing: I have a standard program which I follow making sure I attend enough events, blog every day, really use social media and have template emails. Nice!

– Billing & Accounting: XERO is great and I have an awesome Accountant looking after that side of things.

– Outsourcing: As much as I can to focus on what matters.

– Chasing Up Money: I have a great Virtual Assistant helping me here and I get involved when people haven’t paid. I check this every week and critical!

– Building Residual Income: I have been growing my online product ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ big time to get more growth & success beyond the hours I am doing with my fine clients.

– Scheduling All My Work: Making sure I have regular reminders to check accounts, send out files to clients and check in.

– Lists: Writing lists so I am using less of my memory and more process where other people get involved!

In short, so I don’t forget, stuff things up and make mistakes (which I have done before) – I am putting in systems and checks to keep things moving.

It’s been great, allowed expansion and now my Online Product is taking off – wow, the business is becoming sweeter and more awesome.

My advice? If it’s all getting too much from you, Systems, Systems & Systems! Take it out of your mind and onto paper to make it smoother and better for you and your fine clients.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Stay Awesome!



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