Living in Sydney is a challenge and life is anything but easy here! I think by accepting that and realizing that life will send challenges each day our way makes it easier to deal with, fun and way more productive.

Living in Sydney is a challenge and life is anything but easy here! I think by accepting that and realizing that life will send challenges each day our way makes it easier to deal with, fun and way more productive.

On a slightly different vein talking away from Sales & Marketing and more to just “Life in Sydney” – I was reflecting on an amazing conversation I had with Graham Fitzpatrick.  He is a dynamic Sales Manager from Vintage FM and I quite like him.  Ethical, kind, knows his stuff and is a “Radio Man” who has been in the industry for years.

I have known him for several years and although I don’t see him that often, whenever we do – we rapidly connect and share great ideas.  At 4Networking Bella Vista this morning we were talking about just life in Sydney and Business.  That is, you solve one problem, another one comes up, you fix that, then another one comes up and we were both talking about the honest frustrations we have both felt over time.

One absolute Gem I came across probably only one month ago was a BBC Interview with Sheikh Mohammed – the Ruler of Dubai.  He is part of the family and one of the key masterminds that turned a small desert into the amazing city of “Dubai” today and when I was visiting that Desert City earlier this year I became quite enamored by him.

In listening to some of interviews and the BBC interview (which is easy to find on YouTube – just search “SHEIKH MOHAMMED”) he talks about his own experiences and gives a real frank view of what Dubai has done well and not so well.  One topic that came up was when Dubai got into some deep financial trouble a few years back.

As the Sheikh was squeezed by the reporter, he calmly gave this great response about him not panicking at that time.  Basically he said:

“Life here is a challenge.  Getting water.  Getting something to eat.  Every day is a challenge and all can be overcome”.

His confidence was quite strong and watching this interview really hit me between the eyes in the context of challenges and life.  I always used to think very incorrectly that “When I fix / achieve X then life will be good”.

The reality that myself and Graham have both found is that this is so not true! Life in Sydney is a massive challenge.  Having enough money to pay for bills, keeping your bosses / clients happy, dealing with traffic and staying safe in a massive Metropolis is anything but easy.  It’s hard!

I think when you wake up expecting things to be “Easy” or that you are thinking that “When the problems are fixed I will be happy” – you are just asking for trouble.  That is, life is just not “Easy” and there are always “Challenges” of one form or another.  I have found that when you wake up expecting challenges, it makes life actually quite happy.  You don’t get disappointed anymore, you approach the “Reality of Sydney Life” with a positive frame and you know that you will always have problems till the day you die so you work through them with a smile.

Speaking with Awesome Graham helped this penny drop for me and himself too and my advice from all this? LIFE IS HARD! I don’t care what all the American Positive Speakers who want to sell you $20,000 courses say – it is hard.  When you just admit that and approach things with the “Challenge” mindset say from the Sheikh it makes life easier, fun and more productive.

I have had a few rough days lately.  I tweaked my back due to some bad posture, have had to work some long hours and I have still been smiling through it.  Why? Life is a challenge and shall always be – so I may as well enjoy it.

I trust these more non-Sales & Marketing Thoughts Help! Edward Zia.

About the Persian Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Consultant, 4Networking Leader, Speaker and Lover of Awesome Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners based in Sydney Australia. He spends his days helping the business community with Ideas & Strategies to help his clients get more profitable clients with greater ease, success and automation.

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