Busy and need to stay healthy? Eat more fresh fruit I say...

Busy and need to stay healthy? Eat more fresh fruit I say…

What can I say? I am a very lucky man. Lucky that I live in one of the best cities in the world and I have had the great support of the business community (including you awesome people reading my blog).

My business has been great and I have been privileged to have some amazing people I call ‘Awesome Clients’. As I have become busier, it’s very easy to start being ‘naughty’. I mean ‘naughty’ in the context of exercising less, not going to the gym, eating too much and not relaxing enough leading to bad habits. This can happen to the best of us and at times I have been guilty of falling into this trap.

I take exercise and staying healthy quite seriously and I am forever making sure I stay healthy regardless of how busy I get. My workload today is now ‘Unlimited’ by definition in that it never ends. I could work at my computer 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and the workload will still be coming in from all angles. This used to stress me in the respect that I ‘had to finish my work’ and then I realized that this will never happen. It’s a matter of focusing on what matters and doing what is required at key points in time with my business.

This is where being healthy is critical. Regardless of how busy I am, I make sure I get along to the gym (at least 3 x times a week). It’s done by booking things in and just making myself do it at a key point in time. With food, that has honestly been a challenge for me. If you are working late, writing late, helping clients and the like – it can be very easy to eat junk food and the like.

My advice, thinking & lessons here? Success is awesome and as you succeed, it’s likely you will become busier. This is a good thing and if you are already there (or you can see this coming), keep health in the back of your mind. I find that if your mind is always on it, it will give you some willpower to help resist those things that ‘taste awesome’ but probably aren’t the most awesome things for your body.

Love your work, thank you for the read, check out ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ and Stay Awesome!



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