The Windows 10 Upgrade has had some teething issues (with drivers) but it's well worth it. Powerful software and do it!

The Windows 10 Upgrade has had some teething issues (with drivers) but it’s well worth it. Powerful software and do it!

I don’t work for Microsoft, I get no commission and to be frank with you – many of my clients have Apple devices (so this blog is already going to be unpopular with some).

Based on that proof of no commercial bias in my case, I can look you in the eye (even over this blog in writing) and say:

– Windows 10 is Frickin Awesome! 

It is. I did have a few problems with it at the start during the upgrade (in terms of some trouble with the Audio & Video Drivers playing up), but it seems Microsoft has sorted most of that out.

My audio driver is playing up slightly, but the rest is going really well (with thanks to my Awesome IT man Edward Wright helping me out). I am sure this is only temporary while the vendors & Windows 10 get through these basic startup bugs.

If you buy a new PC it will most likely come with Windows 10 and if you are saying considering an Apple – don’t. Under Windows 8.1 (which had lots of issues), I could appreciate switching to Apple. Now, it’s the other way around. Windows 10 offers a great case to even leave Apple and come to the PC / Google / Microsoft side of things.

From my end, there are two areas as to why Windows 10 is brilliant. Negative reasons (in terms of fixing the silly parts of Windows 8.1) and Positive / New Reasons. Trust they help:

Solutions to the Silly Windows 8.1:

– Start Menu is back. You can click right there and it’s brilliant.

– Notably faster. Not the boot up (about the same), but when you are in there it’s miles quicker.

– One way of doing things. You don’t get lost between Desktop Mode & that Stupid Tablet Mode of 8.1

– Looks very Premium and doesn’t have that ‘Tacky’ look of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

– You have proper ‘Windows’ on everything so you can Minimize, Maximize and Close.

The Key Innovations of Windows 10:

– Windows Edge is a fantastic browser and a new kid on the block in terms of having great speed and power compared to Safari and Google Chrome.

– The Interface is very good and the new start menu has tiles ‘attached’ to it which you can customize. You get the best of both worlds.

– You can turn stuff on and off. You hate the onscreen keyboard? Turn it off. You like more tiles, then add them. Build it to suit you.

– Automatic Upgrades have been very good. It upgrades your drivers and software without any intervention. This is very handy.

– You have great Apps and Functionality that I am still exploring. Music, Video and Store is very ground breaking and nicely done.

There is a lot more and this is my early experience so far. Depending on the use of your device, you may even give it a few more weeks – but at some point you must upgrade. It’s truly a superior operating system and I think that if Google & Apple don’t innovative, they will certainly become 2nd tier before they know it.

Make sure you are ready, your drivers are good and hit upgrade. If you are about to buy, then you can buy with confidence and smile. Microsoft has hit a definitive home run with Windows 10.

Awesome & Happy PCing!



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