You just gotta rest when you can!

You just gotta rest when you can!

What on earth has this topic got to due with my blog on Marketing?

The answer is a whole lot. I have found that during the working week, it can be crazy at times for us small business owners. From having evening networking events, awesome clients asking jobs of us at once, having meetings after meetings with the demands of family and life – it can all add up.

What I have concluded after several years in business is the importance of sleeping as much as you can!

Historically I would work throughout my weekends coming to Monday being totally exhausted. What I have learned was this wasn’t the best idea. I would work during the weekend and when the week hits, it would be just a struggle to make it through in once piece.

It would impair my performance, reduce my satisfaction and my production would just be lowered during the week.

As I know my weeks are heavy these days, I do my best now during the weekend to rest up. Be it hitting the gym, having fun, smiling and getting ready for weeks that I know will just be awesomely crazy / nuts.

Regardless of what we do in business (be it eCommerce or even owning a shop), we are going to have peak hour sessions that are just out of our control. We can plan as much as we want, but when there are demands – there are demands we just have to keep up with.

My advice and thinking on this one? Learning from my mistakes, don’t wear yourself out like I have historically. Do your work, but when you have a chance – rest up, smile and recharge.

It’s more fun and when the pressure is on, you will just do so much of a better job.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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