I am betting on this guy...(Image Credit - Business Insider)

I am betting on this guy…(Image Credit – Business Insider)

It’s 9:58PM and I was going to write a blog tonight on something else, then I saw the headlines that Turkey has shot down a Russian SU-24 Fighter craft.

All I can say is “Wow”, World War III is already in full motion and the Turkish Military are asking for trouble. If you go back a little of time, Russia and Turkey haven’t been getting along for a while and I can bet you that Putin is after a big war.

The simple reason for that? Wars stimulate economies, create jobs and Putin has done an incredible job of waiting for the ‘Right’ time to invade the Middle East.

Basically Putin didn’t go into the Middle East to protect his Syrian Client / Comrade Assad too early. He waited for global support to be on his side for an invasion to get rid of ISIS and then secure the Resources & Oil deals for himself.

Turkey of course doesn’t want this to happen. If Putin & Syria become really strong together – that doesn’t exactly spell great times for Turkey.

I think Turkey has really messed up on this one for several reasons. Attacking the Russian’s is a really bad move in that:

– That have a massive military that can destroy Turkey.

– Turkey has done a great job pandering to Radical Islam and alienating the West.

– Turkey lacks the influence on the world stage to bring together any reasonable allies.

– Russia would love to take over Turkey and make it part of the “New Soviet Union”.

In thinking about this one, let’s say Turkey and Russia went to war tomorrow. Would anyone back Turkey? I doubt it. Uncle Vlad is friends and big supporters of much of the Middle East and you aren’t going to see Europe or the UK come rushing to help the Turks.

Basically, say goodbye Turks. I think the Russians will declare war and if they don’t – they will economically dominate their market / economy to their own game.

Will this start World War III? I think this incident alone isn’t enough to start it. It’s Turkey Right? Let’s way to see what really plays out…



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