It was a pleasure meeting with like minded leader Laura Viskovich today. Brilliant, intelligent and full of life. Inspiring!

It was a pleasure meeting with like minded leader Laura Viskovich today. Brilliant, intelligent and full of life. Inspiring!

Working Sydney over the past few years has taught me many great lessons. From the awesome trying to help us, to those that wish to take from us (and everyone else in between) – I have seen the brilliant and quite crazy stuff.

As time has passed, I have learned a great deal of lessons with one of my key ones being to trust your “Sixth Sense” when it comes to working with people. I was working with awesome people all day from Clint, to Kai, to Mark and also the awesome Laura Viskovich today.

If you haven’t met Laura, in simple terms she is a very energetic, awesome and powerful woman who is simply “out there”.

She has drive, passion, intelligence and if anything – I think she gives off a simliar (yet much saner) vibe that what I would give off.

Basically, I felt she was a very savvy operator of a similar mindset and wavelength. We have had similar experiences, had similar views and when it came to business – much of our thinking & ethics were on a similar page.

Interestingly, both of us have achieved very rapid results and growth in our business at similar times and in short – we are quite similar in nature in what we are going through. There is no surprise that we work well together, and it got me thinking about myself and people on a much closer level.

If I think of my successful friends, clients & colleagues – none of them are successful by accident. They just didn’t walk along and “Pooofff” came along rocking businesses. They worked hard for them, building them Facebook Post by Facebook Post and client by client.

Basically, Laura, my clients, my friends and the like are intelligent, successful people of contribution. It’s that thread we have in common which is why we all get along and it’s all why “Like attracts like”. We in turn are either successful Professionals, Managers or Entrepreneurs and as we grow we continue to think on a similar wavelength.

Awesome people are those that we meet where there is a mutual respect and like going on. Mark, Clint, Kai & Laura (who I met with today) are great examples of people I click with for a range of reasons. It’s good to look at people we click with as I find it gives a deeper level of insight into ourselves.

The more we understand ourselves, the more happier and successful we become (hence I love hanging out with people on a similar wavelength).

My lesson and insight from today? Search hard and find people at least as cool as yourself. You will love it and your life will grow into areas you may once have never thought possible.

Thank you Laura Viskovich for the inspiration.

Enjoy the blog, thanks for reading, share with those it can help and stay awesome!



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