Mark Kyte is one cool guy following the 'give it away thinking'. No surprise he is popular and gets hired...

Mark Kyte is one cool guy following the ‘give it away thinking’. No surprise he is popular and gets hired…

Mark Kyte, Martha Arifin and myself have been incredibly busy lately with our Workshops in the City. We have spent lots of money and worked really hard to build some really good Meetup groups with us (*finally*) creating a powerful format after all these years.

We run topics on a range of Marketing Concepts and we great reviews, lots of repeat visits and we get a great tight group of people that we deliberately don’t like going away 20 people (15 is a sweet spot for a great experience).

People love it, we love it and we get hired for this simple reason:

– We love giving it all away!

We don’t worry about selling in our workshops at all. All we have to focus on is just giving away tons of great knowledge, answering people’s questions and what happens is that people hire us, refer us or even share our work on Facebook and Social Media.

Basically it comes down to this; nobody likes being sold too. We love getting great help, great information and choosing to buy when we are ready from a supplier / company we trust.

I am no different, I expect no one else to be and we apply this experience into our workshops. I tragically know people that like to “Hold Back” and we strongly recommend against that. Tell everyone everything in the time you have with them for FREE!

What happens is that you prove to people you are wonderful and you end up getting hired – lots.

My advice and thinking? Just give it away! Don’t worry, share your knowledge and ideas freely with the right people. You build fans, friends and your community will grow around you big time.

Love your work friends, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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