Sharing your last plate of food

'Never Give Up' was wonderful with many great messages on the wall at Wayside Chapel!

‘Never Give Up’ was wonderful with many great messages on the wall at Wayside Chapel!

These days, I have a privileged and wonderful life by many measures.

However, for those that have known me for a while, you will certainly know this has not been the case all along. Like many of us, I have lived rough (here and there), with those experiences really helping me WIN BIG today.

Instead of buying great people lunch at the Sofitel, I was buying great people lunch at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross. Wayside is a well-known Community Centre and I was in their Kitchen with a new wonderful friend I met through Meetup HQ.

The Kitchen provides great low-cost meals, being $4 for a full dish with main + two sides. The food was good (I had the Tuna Bake), and I spoke to quite a few people there.

This included people who are weathered living rough for a long time and people who you can tell who have started living rough just recently. Whilst I was in line, one of the guys went to purchase food and he only at $3.30 (and couldn’t afford the full dish). I obviously spotted him and there was an interesting experience when I did this.

The guy was shocked and as he sat down to eat his Falafel Dish (which looked really good by the way), one of his friends came in where we offered to share his food with him.

Both looked like they hadn’t eaten a proper meal in a full time and what blew me away was how this guy hadn’t enough for his own food, yet he wanted to share it with his pal.

I loved this and my lesson and advice?

If you are reading this blog, I bet you are doing much better than the great people at Wayside Chapel. Appreciate that and make use of what you have. Secondly, always share. If a probable homeless guy can, then anyone can. Thirdly, call in or donate to Wayside Chapel. Great people!

>> Visit the Wayside Chapel Website here!

Love your work, thank you to my friend and Wayside, you all rock on many levels.