Getting more DONE NOW at The Academy of Entrepreneurs

This was a dangerous and powerhouse group. I loved their speed on many many levels!

This was a dangerous and powerhouse group. I loved their speed on many many levels!

Even though I have been running lots of evening events, it was Friday where I had my first full day of Educating at “The Academy of Entrepreneurs”.

It’s a powerhouse Academy with a top reputation across Sydney, and it was a great experience working with the students there.

What I found was that these are not ordinary ‘students’ by any stretch of the imagination. As I taught and went through my content, the audience is so ambitious in that they DO EVERYTHING ON THE SPOT.

I am more used to people taking great ideas and say doing them the next day, however here they were doing everything on the spot. I suggested videos, and they wanted to do videos right away and put them on Facebook.

I talked about logos and colour psychology and what do they do? Load up DIY Logo Editors online and produce their logos.

I quite loved it in that in all my years, I have never ever worked with people who are so fast on implementation. It got me thinking as to how business works and how implementation is not only critical, it’s a choice!

When we get ideas, I am all for thinking about things. However, there is this point where we are just procrastinating and wasting lots and lots of times. As entrepreneurs, every moment counts, and we must get work done now.

My advice and thinking? Like the wonderful students at the Academy, don’t mess around. Get stuff done now.

As we nail projects right away it helps us make more money, succeed faster and win. Shall everything be perfect? No! Shall we make mistakes along the way? Yes! Shall we win more? You bet.

Get it done, faster, better and love your work. Thank you, Academy of Entrepreneurs! Totally in the zone ????