Ruchi’s Winning Meetup

The Winning Ruchi. I love her work!

The Winning Ruchi. I love her work!

I love going to Meetup Groups run by complete pro’s.

I did exactly that tonight with a wonderful visit to Ruchi Motial-Suri’s Group, “Sydney Leadership and Soft Skill Meetup” (visit it here).

It was a great event, well attended by top people and these are the key reasons of why she did a great winning job:

  • Brilliant Content: She shared strong ideas and experiences with the room.
  • Strength in Delivery: She made lots of great sense and delivered it like a total master.
  • Great Venue: AEONA on Central is a top Coworking Space.
  • Top Q&A: You can ask questions and get them answered.
  • Great pace: It moved fast.

My advice and thinking? It takes a lot to make a Meetup great and Ruchi is doing exactly that.

Go visit them and check it out. She rocks and love her work!