How many phone calls should I make a day?

My favourite Marketing Strategy EVER!

My favourite Marketing Strategy EVER!

I have been conducting extensive, powerhouse and confidential research of vital importance. It’s been great where I have been asking top Sales People:

  • “How many phone calls do you make a day?”

It’s not that confidential, and I have found basically these results for Sales People when it comes to phone calls:

  • People losing: 0 to 1 call per day
  • People barely surviving: 1 – 3 calls a day
  • People doing good: 5 calls a day
  • People winning: 10 calls a day (me)
  • People DOMINATING: 30 calls a day! (usually F/T Sales People)

I even got one of my wonderful clients and friends to email me what they do, here is their response (hiding their identity):

“Hi Edward

You mentioned that you were asking sales people how many calls they do a day.

The number can vary but we aim for 30+ per day. When the sales person is focused on cold calling to build their pipeline it will be higher. Looking back on the past month on average we aim for 30 per day over the week or 150 per week and that’s the target that we discuss when coaching.

We are consultative selling and research the business before calling. We find 50% of the calls do not reach the end user so this number includes call backs.

Does that answer your question?”

My advice and thinking! Yes, it does. I do about 10+ phone calls a day as I am in meetings, but when I do more I get lots of sales. Get on the phone friends. At least 10 times a day. Do that you shall be winning. If you can do more, then great!

Love your work, thank you friend for the research and stay awesome friends!