The Awesome Marketing Director Melita Valcich and The Crazy Persian (me).  She rocks, knows her stuff and I honoured to have her Guest Blog!

The Awesome Marketing Director Melita Valcich and The Crazy Persian (me). She rocks, knows her stuff and I honoured to have her Guest Blog!

As my own blogging career has taken off, I am very lucky to get some awesome high end Entrepreneurs & Professionals Guest Blog on “The Edward Files”.  This time I am very grateful to have Melita Valcich join us.

While I was on the train today heading back from North Sydney to Inner West Sydney, I had this brain wave to invite her to guest blog.

Not many hours later she gave me this great article and even wrapped me in it (didn’t expect that and very humbled).  Melita is one of my Trusted Business Colleagues and I love referring her Marketing Work.

Melita get’s it DONE!

As for her article, she touched on the often “Pink Elephant” of the room when it comes to business – RISK! I trust you will enjoy these raw and real thoughts:

“Risky Business” Guest Blog by Virtual Marketing Director Melita Valcich:

The day you decided to start your very own business, you decided to take a risk.  I guess without really knowing it you continue to do just that – for the company you just gave your life too.

Just recently I’ve been faced with something some may term as “a fork in the road”. I was reviewing my business and wondering if I should continue to grow on the pathway things were moving or make a change. I’ve been in business for 3.5 years now and finally I felt like I was making some traction. You know when you start out in business people tell you it isn’t going to be easy, and it’s not. Some tell you it takes years before you actually get anywhere. I guess they were trying to prepare me for a long road, it takes a while before you become successful, they said. But, what is successful? How do you define that? Perhaps that’s another topic I can write about some other time, but what I really want to speak of today is taking risks and deciding which way to take the business.

I sat on this for quite a few weeks. Things were progressing, I was taking on more clients but I felt like something wasn’t quite right. I just wasn’t sure I was growing in the direction I wanted to go.

So, after many discussions with my husband – my sounding board, I thought it was time for me to get a coach to help me decide what I actually needed to do and help me in the decision process of what road to take. I highly recommend it!

I’m excited to report I turned to Edward Zia, the crazy Persian as he calls himself. I knew he would push me to my limits and that’s OK.

In business we continue to take risks, it’s just a matter of how calculated and educated your decisions are. I’m super excited to be on my new road and can’t wait for what’s to come. Thank You Edward!

Melita Valcich
Virtual Marketing Director – Envious Solutions / 1300 467 489

Edward’s Commentary on Melita’s Blog:

Melita doesn’t mess around and talks about the reality of business.  I have say been going for the same amount of time and like my colleague I have taken risks too.  In comparing my “same same but different” experiences, I was faced with a massive decision like that quite early on in the year.  Do I do Mastermind Classes? Big Seminars? Go the Hardcore Online Path? I tried to do all of them (which almost drove me insane) and eventually I made the call to go the Online Path.

Making that decision was hard, but the outcome has been great – I personally make more money today by doing a “Better Job of Less Things”.

Loved this one and contact Melita anytime if you need some of her brilliance!



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