Purchasing this 'Army Bear' for Legacy got me thinking about many of the issues going on our world. I don't have all the answers, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you all...

Purchasing this ‘Army Bear’ for Legacy got me thinking about many of the issues going on our world. I don’t have all the answers, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you all…

As another article with nothing to do with Small Business Marketing, I had some more global thoughts I wanted to discuss with you all.

The world has been a very interesting place for many right now. As I write this there is a massive refugee crisis playing out in Europe, there are innocent people in trouble, terrorists getting into Europe by the reported thousands with lots of social unrest to come.

One thing that is very obvious right now are the rise of the ‘extremes’. You have of course the self-declared Caliphate claiming ownership of the world tragically displacing lots of people, the left side of politics in the west saying ‘let everyone in’ and the right side of politics saying ‘lets deport them all’.

Based on what I have seen previously, I think there is lots of events to come and things are going to really come to a head. With that many infiltrators in Europe, there is going to be a rise in attacks (tragically) and this will set off the counter-force of locals stepping up to defend themselves and their society from being changed in ways they don’t like.

Basically, the extremes are going to get bigger and I think it’s all going to come to a big head in a clash of almost civilizations.

What does this have to do with you and me? I think many things. We are going to see more fighting across the world and reflecting on history – when humanity goes through struggles of this nature it requires strong people loaded with good deeds to balance things out.

This has been a topic greatly on my mind lately and speaking as a Knight with the Order of Saint John (“OSJ”), the perspective is one of a charitable one. That is – with all this playing out in the world my take is:

1. Doing whatever we can to help people.

2. Protecting ourselves and our way of life.

3. Making sure our children aren’t inheriting our problems.

There is a great deal of debate lately about intake of refugees vs the other extreme of protecting our way of life and people. I sit on the side of protecting our way of life (we give lots in foreign aid already) and stopping the boats has proven to be a great success.

My thinking and advice from all this? Things are going to get very messy and lots of us are going to have to really stand up for what we believe in order to ensure our children don’t inherit a dangerous world. We have to make lots of decisions globally about displaced innocents, terrorists that want to assimilate us into their way of thinking and lots of people that are going to need our help.

On a small level, it’s about each of us speaking our ideas strong and doing our little part to help. Be it giving money, sharing ideas that can help on Facebook – or even lobbying the Government. ¬†There are lots of things to come.

Trust you enjoy these thoughts, expect some Marketing Topics to come from me soon and of course – Stay Vigilant & Awesome in this changing world we live in.



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