Resting up

My cat Honey Bun gets the importance of rest. Very smart guy!

I love being an entrepreneur!

It’s an incredible life I sometimes think it chose me. It’s certainly not a life for everyone in that it can be very extreme at times. Sometimes I have cruisy days, whereas sometimes I will have meetings back to back and finish my evening speaking at an event in front of hundreds of people.

This whole experience has taught me the importance of RESTING UP when we can and enjoying it. Earlier in my business, I used to just work like a dog all the time. As time passed and I got smarter and more established, I realised that it’s important to rest and recharge before big events and things go down.

My advice and thinking? When you get a break in your workload, chill out and enjoy friends. Do what you love, relax and get ready for the next big event come your way. I do and it’s great. Hence, I remain fresh and able to perform when it really matters.

Love your work, keeping winning and rest up when you can friends. It rocks 😊