CAWD! I forgot to write my blog last night

I love systems, processes, checklists and all that great stuff.

I use them in many parts of my business and do they always work? The systems do, but the humans don’t always 😊

I went to bed last night (after running a great webinar) thinking that I have just forgotten something. Then at 4AM I awoke realising it was my blog! I forgot to write it and OH CAWD.

In business and life, we are going to forget stuff at times. Sometimes it’s trivial, sometimes it’s more serious requiring us to fix things.

The big point I have learned is that when we make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about it. I used to do that all the time and self-pity is silly.

The best thing to do is to feel good and FIX THINGS and make it better. That to me is the ultimate rectification of everything.

Love your work and here’s is to winning more! Thanks for the read and you rock.