The longer I am in business, the more amazing people I am lucky to work with. It's all starts with a great reputation and it takes time to build!

The longer I am in business, the more amazing people I am lucky to work with. It’s all starts with a great reputation and it takes time to build!

Hello Awesome People!

I had a late afternoon phone call from an old colleague who I have a great deal of respect for.

Without blowing her secret identity, I will call her *Kerrigan*. She is a very smart operator, quite kind in nature and she has launched a new exciting concept and is trying to get traction and get it off the ground.

As we spoke, Kerrigan is extremely frustrated and was bothered by her lack of progress.

Even though she has worked very hard to create her concept, as it’s “New to Market” and nobody knows / heard of it before it’s not getting sales. She has known me for years and know I spoke the truth when I delivered her some news that I wouldn’t like to hear in her position:

“You got to build your reputation first before you get sales”

Kerrigan totally got it, agreed instantly, joked that she “Knew I would say that” and almost like what I did once – got her business back to front. I once did a similar thing, when I first launched my Premium Online Product The Awesome Marketing Vault – I spent all this time creating my product to “Doh” realize that nobody knew who I was so I got no sales at the start. As time passed and I build my reputation overtime, the sales did “Kick In” and then it all made sense and was working great.

What my own experience reminded me of was the importance of firstly being “Known” before people would consider purchasing from you. This of course totally sucks, I really don’t like it – and like my friend *Kerrigan* she is equally frustrated by this process in that “Edward, can’t people just buy my stuff now?”.

My reaction to her question was another question “Do you buy people’s stuff without knowing them?” – As I asked that question, her intelligent pause showed the light bulb coming on.

What I say first is that before you sell anything, firstly build your reputation. Business Networking, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn, Live Webinars, Free Events or whatever the case may be are some key marketing strategies to enable this. It takes time to crack the market and I find it’s a gradual act of chipping away every day. Be it meeting that extra person, getting that post out or presenting to a new potential client.

Even though I have worked with hundreds privately over the years, it took 4 months to get my first client when I started out for just this reason.

My advice and thinking on this one? Be it for getting your business going, or picking up more and more awesome clients – it all is heavily based on your reputation. Get known first and then sell – it’s much easier and it just works.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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