Free Events can be a great form of Leveraged Marketing - with a great Profitable Pay off Too!

Free Events can be a great form of Leveraged Marketing – with a great Profitable Pay off Too! (Thank you Vault Boy & Fallout for the Image Use)

Heloo Awesome People!

Free Events! If you have spent anytime on Facebook or have been in the Small Business space you would probably have been offered a “Free Event” at some point.

Be it a Live Webinar, Free Workshop, Seminar or the like – it can be a Powerful Marketing Strategy if you are in Coaching, Mentoring or Consulting Space.

My colleague Martha Arifin and I have our own Profitable Marketing Forum coming up which is our own Free Event and whenever we have run events of this nature previously we have had great results including:

– Helping People on the House.

– Selling at way more than the Cost of the Workshop.

– Building Our Profile.

– Standing out as a Leader of Choice.

– Just rocking and being Awesome.

When I look back Business wise, part of me wishes I did more Free Events earlier as they have totally helped Increase the size of my Business. Sure they cost Money and take Time to run – but they are *The Best* way of proving how Generous and Awesome you want to be. You can run a Free 1/2 Day, Full Day or even a few hours with the Purpose of Giving Tips, Insights and free Information to help the attendees based on your area of Expertise.

This can result in people falling “In Love” with you and eventually Hiring you as well. Some people might leave your event simply with a Positive feedback and may not ever Hire you – but you will be surprised how Proudly they will refer and Support you in other ways. I have found that if someone doesn’t know what you do – just getting a “Sale” is a Very Hard thing to do outside of a Referral. However, if they are willing to spend a few hours to Learn to get to Know and Love what you do, it can Prove to have a Positive outcome – it definitely helps make Hiring you a much easier Process.

Let’s say for example, you run a Free Event, and it might cost you say a $2,500 Investment for a 50 people Workshop – and every Sale you make are worth say $2,000 each – in turn you will only need 1 Sale and a bit to Break-Even. At the same time, Building your Referral Networking. Isn’t that Awesome? Let’s say you get 5 x Clients from the Workshop – that can be great Revenue as well as getting lots of Promotion for yourself. Speaking to 50 x people Individually can be Arduous, however a group scenario is much more Achievable.

My Advice & Thinking? If you are in the type of Business / Industry where Free Workshops are Suitable (e.g. Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring) I would definitely suggest you start off with Something Small, Test & Measure It Out. Other Mediums such as Free Live Webinars (Online Events) can also be something to test out too.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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