The MindArc Team have been wonderful people that have so changed my life for the better! Every time I meet with them I am that better off and there is one potent lesson to this!

The MindArc Team have been wonderful people that have so changed my life for the better! Every time I meet with them I am that better off and there is one potent lesson to this!

I am sure you heard this from your mother at some point; “Be careful who you hang around with!”.  I did and like most other silly people, I decided to ignore my mother at key points in my life.  This caused me a lot of personal pain, wasted time and even lost me money in my business with people really taking advantage of me.

If this negative situation is true. then logic would dictate the opposite – that is if you hang out with Awesome Positive People when you will have lots of personal pleasure, make use of your time and set yourself up to make tons of money if you are in business.

I probably have had a quite different life compared to most! From fighting for my country to being told by Centrelink I can’t have any money to buy groceries that night, from getting the highest mark EVER for Strategic Marketing at Monash University, to living in my car for several weeks – I have had heaps of highs and lows in life.

All of these experiences have been wonderful and my own drive and entrepreneurial success today is from each of those awesome and probably not so awesome inspiring moments.  In looking back as just an old man at the age of “36” one thing that I have remembered in each part of my life are those awesome people that supported me and stood with me at tough times.  The great people in my life totally outway the villains who have wrong me and in bringing it back to business / money, you want all the great people you can get!

Once upon a time when I started out I was very lucky to meet the amazing Matt Craig from MindArc Digital Agency.  Like me (but much younger) he left his old life behind and started his own Agency helping people with websites. He had done a brilliant job and I have been lucky to support him to now where I think he isn’t far from crossing 10+ staff with his business partner Sean Pieres.  Friday (being yesterday from when I am writing this article), I was lucky to Consult to them in helping them plan the coming future / direction of their business.

Each of the people I am pictured with have helped me in some way advance my life and it was an honour to work with them.  The great experience I had got me thinking on a range of levels and reinforced the positive lesson of surrounding yourself by the right people.

My advice? If you haven’t got the life you want, move away from the villains in your life and surround yourself by true friends that you can help and in return they shall help you. This one move has been a cornerstone of turning my life around and then more positively speaking – building success on previous success.

Thank you Matt Craig & MindArc for your support and thank you for the read from this Crazy Persian!

About the Reflective Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Consultant, 4Networking Leader, Speaker and Lover of Awesome Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners based in Sydney Australia. He spends his days helping the business community with Ideas & Strategies to help his clients get more profitable clients with greater ease, success and automation.

To learn more, visit and he so invites you sign up for Free Awesome Sales & Marketing Strategies + Ideas. Thank you for the read and click right here to get to the Awesome Action!



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