There is very little room in the world of success for 'Gunnas' - people that talk the game and don't deliver.  If you are going to do something, do it properly I say!

There is very little room in the world of success for ‘Gunnas’ – people that talk the game and don’t deliver. If you are going to do something, do it properly I say!

Just recently I have learned some really funny sayings that I have really applied to my own business success.  The “Gunnas” are the bad guys, basically the people who are all talk, never do anything and often wind up back in the workforce.

The “Doers” in my experience are always the ones that have made it, hard-working people that get stuff done and it’s amazing for them.

In the time I have been in business (OMG like 4 years now!) I have seen so many people come, go and of course some stick around for the long-haul.  I remember starting out in business and having people with way more “Experience” than me, always talk me down, only for me to overtake them in business say 1 year later or for me to find out they have gone back to work.  What I found very funny in humorous irony is that they often say that I succeeded in business because “I got lucky” and they just had “A bad run”.

Talking to the positive now and awesome “Doers”.  I have some great friends and colleagues that I consider Doers; Anna Porter, Glenn Meilak, Martha Arifin, Kylie Warry and of course I am (the fact that I am writing this blog article at 10:41PM at night would suggest so for sure).  Beyond myself, the Doers are always in my experience hard-working people, take high levels of personal responsibility, are generally results driven and have a clear purpose in business.

Before I continue trashing the Gunnas, I hate to say it – but earlier in life I would have been one of these weak characters.  I would always speak the big game, do some work, always blame my results on something else totally outside of my control (yeah right!).

After totally stuffing up my life multiple times it got me looking at things very differently and especially when I lost it all in the Global-Financial Crisis some years back, it taught me (the hard way) the critical importance of personal-responsibility and that no-one cares about my story – they only care about results!

Even though this may sound a bit vicious on the surface, in a way I find it very liberating as a Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur.  When I was a Corporate, there was a lot of dirty politics in play – but being out on your own, the good news is it’s just results and hard work!

That is super fair and awesome in my book – being rewarded for what you produce and not the stories that you tell.  For example, if you are a doer you may love my Online Sales & Marketing Educational Course the Awesome Marketing Vault – right here (see selling is doing so yay! x x)

My advice? If you are doer, keep it up.  If you are a gunna like I was, I invite you right now to change your ways.  Your life and business just won’t work the way you want and there is no greater satisfaction and confidence in proving to yourself “You can do it!”.  So back yourself, go hard, make some mistakes, learn some lessons and enjoy it!

Happy Days and Nights everyone and thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor – Ex-Gunna now Doer!



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