My Deepest Sympathies to familes and friends of MH17 - praying for you all!

My Deepest Sympathies to familes and friends of MH17 – praying for you all!

I am sure like all of you, waking up to the reports of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 being shot down over the Ukraine is very shocking.  I wish to send my heartfelt sympathies to friends and families of this disaster.

As the news is coming out, reports of 27 Australians are on the flight too and as of 7:53AM you have both the Pro-Russian and Ukraine sides denying involvement.  It’s a very sad time for us all.

This tragic and probably avoidable event (as the International Investigations shall no doubt uncover) has got me thinking about loss in my own life.  If you know much about my early adulthood, you will know of my days working for the Government and seeing many tragic things.  I personally have lost many close to me (be it through passing on or say them moving on) and over the years it gets you thinking as to the fragility of life.

This event in a negative way has got me appreciating what we have.

For my Malaysian friends and families of Australians on the flight, I just want to say again I my heartfelt sympathies to you all.  I hope there is an objective investigation into this tragedy and the perpetrators of this crime has brought to a swift justice.

Praying you for all and god bless friends!



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