he Islam Extremists get an EPIC FAIL from me for their failure to stop Charlie Hebdo.  Their horrible acts made them famous!

The Islam Extremists get an EPIC FAIL from me for their failure to stop Charlie Hebdo. Their horrible acts made them famous!

Radical Islam can’t be having the best time with what many commentators (myself included) are calling an “EPIC FAIL” of them trying to censor the Western World and Free Speech.  From all the news reports I have seen, the first copy of Charlie Hebdo since the attacks has had in many cases RECORD SELL-OUTS and they have been unable to keep up with the demand and interest.

There have been people lining up around the blocks to get their hands on these materials.  I don’t know what these stupid terrorists were thinking (if at all).  They must have been sitting around and come up with the following satanic logic:

“They have insulted the Prophet, so we shall teach them and the Western World a Lesson and Get Revenge”.

I am sure from a Radical Extremist point of view this sounds great, however what was the result of this? I didn’t even know who Charlie Hebdo was 2 weeks ago and now they are probably one of the worlds most well known magazines, you have cartoonists worldwide drawing offensive images of the Prophet and it’s United us all against Radical Islam and made us now fight for the right to free speech.

For the record, I think the images of Prophet Muhammad actually aren’t very nice at all.  Some of them are quite sexual and being a Christian myself – I would feel a bit offended if they were of Jesus.  However, I watch South Park all the time and they defame Jesus all the time – and although I will probably go to hell for this, I get quite a laugh from it at my own expense.  The extremists obviously have very sensitive ego’s and just can’t handle anything that dares go against their extreme intolerant views.

My “Normal” Muslim Friends see it very much in a similar context and what I am finding very interesting is that if these Radical Extremists are trying to “Divide” or “Silence” us their strategy is a massive failure.  They are very much the bane of many Muslims Worldwide as well as everyone else.

This whole situation has got me thinking and reflecting on when it’s all going.  Beyond Radical Islam there is a great deal of unrest in the world and there are some big problems globally that we have to resolve (with anything from famine, to pollution, to security etc).  The good news in a very bad situation is that these awful and tragic events are at least starting to Unite Us.

We have hundreds of thousands rallying for Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech, Muslims stepping up to the plate and condemning acts of terrorism and doing what they can to get their own people under control – and even better, we in the “West” are really waking up to reality and moving on from “Political Correctness” to “Intelligent Conversation”.

My lesson and thinking? You can sadly burn down builds, kill people and cause chaos but you can’t destroy an idea.  The more Radical Islam attacks Free Speech, the Louder we become.

#jesuischarlie and where do they sell copies in Australia do I ask? Also EPIC FAIL to the Extremists trying to silence people.  EPIC FAIL!




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