Putting your Sales & Marketing Activities into your Outlook / Google Calendar

I would have gone insane long ago if it wasn't for Outlook Calendar synced too all devices!

I would have gone insane long ago if it wasn’t for Outlook Calendar synced too all devices!

In this article, I am hardly going to into anything terribly in the league of ‘rocket science’ and actually take things back to the ‘forgotten basics’.

‘Forgotten basics’ is something I enjoy commenting on in that when I say something, it’s a very “Oh Duh” type of response one would think of and no doubt be able to justify. However it’s easy to point out many examples of where the basic thinking is poorly followed or strangely not followed at all.

When it comes to creating a sense of structure in what we are doing, one simple yet powerful move is to put all your Sales & Marketing activities into your Outlook / Google Calendar. The reason why I am specifying these platforms in particular is because it shows up on all your devices when set correctly.

So regardless of whether you are in the Microsoft or Google Camp the point is that done correctly; you should see whatever you book in anywhere on all devices with the obvious being your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer etc.

As my business is busy and we are constantly winning; it’s been a critical move on my end and I love the use of weekly occurring times. This allows me to never miss a beat and here are some examples from each of my days in the week:

  • Monday 10AM to 12PM: Follow up calls on clients and active accounts.
  • Tuesday All Day: Make sure big clients blog goes out.
  • Wednesday: Write up Awesome Marketing Insights Email for Friday Send.
  • Thursday: Follow up on big clients newsletter
  • Friday: Follow up calls for clients and those who owe me money 🙂

You get it! These are just some of my many examples with the operative point being that this structure just makes things easier and better. It’s a simple thing with the software most likely being in your hands already and the more you do it the more powerful we become.

My advice and thinking? Use your Calendar with strength and power. Simple, yet often overlooked and super powerful for making your busy doable so you don’t miss a beat.

Love your work, thanks for the read, put everything into your Calendar and stay awesome!