How I fill LIVE Events with Social Media

For whatever event you have to bring people together - Social Media rocks it!

For whatever event you have to bring people together – Social Media rocks it!

Over the past few weeks to month especially; we have been doing lots of work on our Live Event Program. During 2016 we got it too ‘Good’ with 2017 being the year I wish to get it to ‘Great’.

With all the lessons and wins I have had it has taken me to a strong position of where Social Media fits too in our business environment. One of the biggest way Social Media has served me well if by helping fill events.

Then of course as you fill your free events, people have a chance to meet you, experience your brand and then instead of having to ‘sell’ – they turn around and just ‘buy’ you as the trust has been established.

To help you with our own free events or events to come, this is how I fill my own events:

  • Meetup: By hosting events on the Meetup Platform they get filled automatically by people there. For paid events, Eventbrite is really good (but I like sticking to free events).
  • Email Marketing: By building your database you can send them email invites to your events. I like this move and it works incredibly well.
  • Facebook: I like doing videos talking about events and sharing the link in there. Works really well as they see you in action and have the link. Groups also work great too.
  • LinkedIn: A great platform to share events through – works great.

Also too in addition to the above moves, also ‘Direct Invites’ work incredibly well. This is where let’s say I am talking to someone that loves the idea of it; I just email them the Meetup Group link so they can sign up.

Of course the more you do is the more you sign up and that part of it I totally love! My advice and thinking friends? Free Live Events are a great Marketing Strategy and you use your Social Media / Online to fill them. Score!

Love your work, thank you for the read, go for it and stay awesome!

P.S. Join our Meetup Group here!