Getting into technology maybe tough at the start, but it's a critical area to master to be an effective marketer.  See, even my cat thinks so! lol

Getting into technology maybe tough at the start, but it’s a critical area to master to be an effective marketer. See, even my cat thinks so! lol

Hello Awesome People!

One reoccurring theme I have observed lately is how many great people I know & work with struggle with technology.

Be it very simple tasks such as getting a great wireless signal on their Laptops – right through to setting up Facebook Campaigns, it can be tough for many getting used to technology.

Even though I am not an “IT Guy”, people compliment me on my level of understanding all the time when it comes to technology. I often get asked “Edward, who taught you?”

The short answer is (that like many people who are great with technology will also tell you) is that I taught myself. It was through lots of tinkering, trial & error, setting things up for myself and learning the countless lessons from the laughter, the crying, the denying and then eventually the success of making it happen.

One key truth of marketing these days is that you really need to be great at technology in order for it to work with you. Sure, you can outsource lots of your Campaign work and the like, BUT if you don’t at least have some level of knowledge it can be a struggle in order to get key platforms working (and knowing what your outsourced staff are up too here!)

A very common example is if you wanting to set up Live Webinars. It’s very true that they are a great technique for giving value, helping people and picking up clients – however, it takes a great deal of knowledge to be able to successfully implement them. In short, you have to understand:

– Facebook & Email Marketing (how to promote it and fill it!)

– Signing up to the Webinar Platform

– Setting up LeadPages

– Using PowerPoint

– Having a great microphone

– Recording the damn thing

– Using the software while you are doing it (boy this part is hard at the start)

– Delivering a great experience

– Upload recorded files

– Working on the next one!

This isn’t even the full list (I haven’t even talked ensuring one’s Data Upload & Download is setup setup yet). I don’t mean to be “Captain Buzzkill” or anything like that. I think many should do Webinars and they are a rocking platform. Did you know that they are actually teaching year 3 students to set up Power Point presentations these days? And the kids a great at it too!

It’s just that it can be a challenge at the start to get going and learning Technology is a key critical factor to make this all happen. I find the more we get into technology, work through the frustration and get into it – the better things are. Hence why all the young ones are also learning how to code these days…

My advice & thinking? Pick your platforms carefully and then tinker with them and get used to them over a period of time. You will get better and better each time you use it, especially since they do tend to upgrade the platforms on a regular basis, the theory remains similar and one day you will be considered an “Advanced User” doing things that once took ages in a mere fraction of the time.

Also, regardless of how “Easy” it looks on the surface – it always takes a bit of time to get going!

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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