Richard Abela is one fine example of someone driven by 'Chartiable Leadership' which I think is awesome. We love his work! (And thank you Lyn and Co for being in this photo!)

Richard Abela is one fine example of someone driven by ‘Chartiable Leadership’ which I think is awesome. We love his work! (And thank you Lyn and Co for being in this photo!)

Hello Awesome People!

Over my life I have always made charitable giving an important part of what I do. Beyond me being a Christian & the like – I have always been privileged to be surrounded by people (like myself) that consider it critically important to give beyond themselves.

As I have also been the one who “Needed Charity” a few times in my life, I know what it’s like being on the bottom and when you so called ‘Make It’ there is no better feeling and action than I think of donating your money, skills, time and say connections to those that need it to prosper.

One person lately who has totally inspired me is a fellow Knight with the Order of Saint John and Ex-CEO & Turnaround Senior Associate Richard Abela.

Based in the the West of Sydney, if you meet this man – he is this razor sharp, kind, fast talking, even faster thinking and generous strong character who is clearly driven about helping others as part of helping himself and his own family. What I have found inspirational about Richard in what he has done and his constant level of focus on this area.

He is always pondering charity ideas, figuring out how to earn more for the hospitals and out of many I know, I consider him an impressive example of a great ‘Charitable Leader’. That is, the rare person in the crowd that is focused on helping people that probably need it more than everyone else.

I find that spending time with Richard Abela is very inspirational from a range of viewpoints. Talking in terms of Charitable Giving – it makes me way more motivated in my own business. In that, I can be available to do way more for charity if I am billing say $10,000,000 per year, compared to $10,000 per year.

This thinking is very inspirational and it makes me even more driven in my business. The more I earn simply means the more I can give. How cool is that? After all, working to for one’s survival and sustaining in our society is one thing, but to have the ability to work towards helping change the lives of others is definitely something else.

My advice & thinking? If you aren’t already considering to up your charitable giving. This can include giving money, your skills and even your time to those in need. The more we think about people beyond ourselves is the more passionate we get about our own success in that it gives us more reasons to kick butt.

For me personally, in terms of “Eating my own Dog Food” (quoting Microsoft) – giving more of my skills on the house to the business community is critical, combined with my support of the Salvation Army is critical. As a new Knight with the Order of Saint John too – I am looking forward to even giving more.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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