In Sales & Marketing it's great to make your services as easy to buy as possible. Is there somewhere small & enticing you can start?One great saying I once heard about Business, Sales & Marketing is “Make it easy for your customers to buy from you”.

I think that makes better than ever sense in many respects and I have seen this play out for myself personally and my awesome clients many times over.

In this whole situation I think there are several different ways of looking at the problem. One is of course the actual process of placing an order, paying, collecting money and the like. The other which is more the direction I was going to look at in this article is “Where do new potential clients get started?”

Depending on what you do in business, how much you sell it for, your reputation and to whom of course – it can be a tall order just asking someone from scratch for say anything from $2,000 and upwards (even less) unless they have proven to themselves that you are “The Real Thing” and what they are buying for that amount is exactly what they need.

In other words, if someone doesn’t really know you as a Small Business Owner and you go in there asking for lots of money, it may be very hard (if not impossible) to get them to agree to such a position. After all, if someone just asked you for a stack of money and you weren’t convinced what would you say?

Perhaps, “No”, “Prove It”, “Give me time to think about it” and the like would come up? In short, you may totally unconvinced to take any further steps as it’s just “Too Much” from where you have started.

What if however you say got a free Video from them, attended one of their free live workshops, purchased a smaller product from them – or say could test them out for $500 or something like that? You may consider giving that a “Shot” and them taking it from there. After all – a “Free Workshop” is a much lower risk than giving someone $2,000 (or more) and you can learn more about them in this forum.

Talking personally, when it comes to people hiring me they are rightfully going to check me out first. They may get a referral, come to a live webinar, read my blogs for a while, ask for a coffee chat, come to say a $400 workshop – basically take a smaller step to find out information about me and what I do.

This type of thinking makes it “Much Easier” for my customers to buy from me.

My advice and thinking? Think about what you can do in your case to make it just easier for people to buy from you. Can you give a guarantee? Give some light information? Give a few steps at the start? Offer them a free taste? Basically I am saying – think through what you can give as a teaser, so it get’s people engaged with you leading onto great things.

I trust this article helps and love your work!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger & Commentator with coming up to 15 years of Sales & Marketing experience from the Corporate Space, right through to Private Mentoring of hundreds personally. He loves marketing and staying on the edge of his profession.

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