Keeping out an eye for new ideas has always been a critical strategy for me getting new ideas. One amazing find was the 'New Trendy KFC' concept.  Gave me lots of new ideas!

Keeping out an eye for new ideas has always been a critical strategy for me getting new ideas. One amazing find was the ‘New Trendy KFC’ concept. Gave me lots of new ideas!

“Marketing” is one of those strangest professions in business for sure.

Operations is quite linear and logical, Accounting is Numbers, IT has quite a logical flow to it and Sales – well is moving product as much as you can.

When it comes to one of the biggest artforms in business, “Marketing” – it is a challenging blend of Logic, Process & Creativity. Be it you are launching a great business or are in business trying to promote yourself – you need “Creative Out-There Ideas” quite often to keep people interested in your services and of course get Profitable High Value Clients & Sales.

For me personally, it’s always quite a challenge in that I am forever coming up with ideas for myself and my awesome clients. There are probably a lot of reasons of why I am great at this and one of them for sure is the fact I am always out there and keeping my eyes open for great new ideas that can really help people.

If I am walking down the street or say going for a drive – deep in the back of my mind I am always on the lookout for great ideas that can help me and my clients. One recent one for me was accidentally finding the “New KFC Concept” in the main Church St (Cafe Precinct) of Parramatta Western Sydney. It was amazing, I took some video of it giving some commentary (and it’s been seen 20,000+ times already) and it inspired me to think about Premium Quality & Services.

The New KFC colours were a beautiful Black & White – and this top design gave me lots of ideas and inspiration about the bold look that makes one looks like a Premium Option / Industry Leader.

Sometimes I see great advertisements which are really well written on Facebook and I get ideas from there. I may see some great copy / content on a billboard that stimulates an idea. Quite often, I hear something great and amazing at a Business Networking event that gives me a new profitable idea.

My advice & learnings? Don’t just look inside your own industry. ¬†Forever be open to new great ideas that can really come from left field. You may find that one great idea that makes you tons of money.

Thank you for the read, hope it’s helped you and if you like what you see – check out my Premium Online Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!



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