You have to YouTube 'Roadrage against motorcyclist turns physical' - a good lesson not to pick fights with people!

You have to YouTube ‘Roadrage against motorcyclist turns physical’ – a good lesson not to pick fights with people!

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From fighting in the school yard to protecting myself against other kids assaulting me because I was ‘Middle Eastern’, to fighting as part of my work for the Government as a young Fed – I can tell you that “Fighting” with anyone never leads to a great place.

Be it physical fighting or more on a business level – constructive disagreements/criticisms are great for growth, but actual ongoing combat without purpose can be a destructive activity.

One great clip which has gone viral on YouTube and Facebook (YouTube ‘Roadrage against motorcyclist turns physical’) shows an example of how someone probably didn’t use their brain and made a life damaging decision which they will regret for a long time)

When I first watched this clip I was shocked, impressed and then incredibly satisfied. In short, a Motorcyclists head-cam records everything from a man getting out from a car behind him, attempting to punch him in the head (he was wearing his helmet), the man attacking his girlfriend – to the man attacking, being taken down by the victim.

The motorcyclist is very professional in taking the man down in terms of using reasonable force, not losing it and as he pinned the perpetrator to the ground – he gave reasonable counsel to him and even backed off as the attacker appeared to pass out. Not to mention that people these days everywhere have the devices that can film everything on the go, whether it be on their dashboard or their phones which can often easily be uploaded and shared on Social Media immediately. Many on Facebook and YouTube viewers commended the Motorcyclist’s behaviour in his defence and taking the attacker down for protection during this incident. I think the Motorcyclist may have been say Ex or Active Military / Law Enforcement, and the attacker appeared to be on something.

Besides being a compelling clip to watch on Social Media – there are loads of lessons I think here which can relate to business. This plan totally backfired on the attacker (obviously). He became the laughing stock on the web, and watched by millions of viewers around the world on Social Media. I understand he was also injured in the failed attack, and based on the footage – it’s very likely he shall be up for some police charges (if they at least don’t pick up him for being under the influence of some sort).

Why did this all happen? The attacker didn’t use his brain and just got ’emotional’ in public and this decision will haunt him and his family for the rest of his life. I’m not saying that we should all become emotionless, it’s just that in certain circumstances, we should all try to think before we act. Especially when it comes to any raging emotions that may cause physical harm.

Bringing this back to the subject of Business, in relation to you and me – I think it’s a great lesson. Personal conflict in business can lead to endless damage, even with the best of partners you may have built a great relationship with for years on end. I personally have had plenty of altercations with those who have taken things too personally or out of context and decided that it was ok to attack me or my friends without any logical reason. These incidents not only take a toll on me and the instigator, but it really changes how I look at them on a professional and personal level from there on in.

Be it someone say not paying their agreed invoices, arguing to get their way without valid reasoning, and trying to ‘be right’ out of ego, etc – I have encountered endless incidents where people who started an argument or fights which they were unable to finish, because there was never a real issue to begin with or they eventually realised that it was due to their own fault. It is always important to stay calm and collected, assess the situation before jumping into any conclusions when in all conflict situations.

Sure, at times I have been totally frustrated and I have just bit my tongue, kept my mouth shut and it has been hard to stay as professional as I can. BUT on many occasions, I’m really glad that I did. Professionalism is the best cure any wrong doing in business. It tends to help end conflicts very quickly and also – people will always side with the ‘reasonable party’. Not to mention that there are always two sides of a story, and on many small legal cases, a mediator will always make sure that the defendant gets their chance to present their evidence.

My advice and lessons from all this? Please just don’t start a fight (verbally or physically) with people. Sure, defend yourself when necessary, and be mature enough to know that just because something isn’t going your way doesn’t give you the right to start abusing or assaulting anyone – end the situation it fast, make a clean cut so that everyone can move on AMICABLY!

Here’s to staying out trouble aye? LOL

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia signing out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.




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