No Bull, No Birds, No Cows, No Nothing - Great Marketing is honest, direct and doesn't overpromise!

No Bull, No Birds, No Cows, No Nothing – Great Marketing is honest, direct and doesn’t over promise!

Hello Awesome People!

I have been very lucky to pick up lots a new awesome clients lately – however hear some sad stories about them. A few of them have been ripped off really badly by previous Consultants and for me working with them it’s quite an arduous (however pleasureable) job of winning them over and helping them get their businesses get back on track.

I heard tragic stories of them paying purely thousands for very basic and general information – with some of it being blatantly wrong and really throwing their businesses off track. What I found interesting about this was how they were offered the so called “Services”. They were promised basically to make tens of thousands of dollars with so called “Secret Squirrel” strategies to get only nowhere quickly.

This got me thinking about the old fashioned rules of “No-Bull” when it comes to Sales & Marketing. I always suggest to my clients (and follow myself) the importance of being “Real” when it comes to selling people services. It can be very easy to overpromise and underdeliver and the best counter to that is really telling people the truth.

When it comes to what I do – will I make someone a Million Dollars tomorrow? Certainly the opposite of yes applies here. However, what I do promise is highly effective Sales & Marketing Strategies to get people what they want.

I have had some people over the years (not many actually) decide to hire someone else over myself because they promise “More” in terms of results. Once I hear the methodologies and strategies, I realize quickly it’s “Total Bull” and if say the client doesn’t hire me – two things generally happen. One, I never hear from them again only to one day hear they aren’t in business anymore (tragically happened a few times) or two – they come back back to me getting no where and quite apologetic ready to get into it.

Innocent people get hurt in this process and what’s interesting is that the suspect / criminal who did the ripping off usually takes a massive hit to their reputation. Some of the bigger ones are still going, however the “Smaller Con Artists” usually don’t last which is not only karma – it’s just great.

The good news from all this? The awesomely ethical providers like you and me make it. We take our time, pick up great clients, do great work and people come in with the “True” expectations so they are happy with the results they get.

My view is that when it comes to marketing it’s great to always “Under Promise” and “Over Deliver”. It keeps you 100% clean and everyone happy. Don’t worry if you don’t get “Everyone” – there will always be the snake oil salesmen regardless of industry.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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