PERSUASION and the ‘Power of 3’

The 'Power of 3' is a great tool when it comes to Persuasion!

The ‘Power of 3’ is a great tool when it comes to Persuasion!

It was many years ago where I started studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) and I fell in love with it very quickly.

I strangely enough learned many things that I never quite used at the time that I learned them, but became very beneficial later in life.

One of these key aspects was the ‘Power of 3’ in persuasion and communication. Be it with our ourselves from a motivational viewpoint or in terms of selling; it’s how to communicate in a way that is exceptionally effective in that it follows how people think.

The average human can usually focus on say 3 – 7 ideas at once, however once you take someone beyond ‘3 ideas’ it starts to become overwhelming.

However, when you focus on 3 ideas; it’s enough for people to focus on and it’s critical to know this in persuasion. I was writing up the slides for “PROFITABLE Personal Selling & Winning Sales Strategies (FREE Evening Seminar)” and this is a new component I am exploring with audiences.

If you are say presenting an idea to people and you really want them to agree with you, a strong means of persuasion is using the ‘Power of 3’. You suggest your idea and then give 3 x decent reasons as to why it’s true.

For example, let’s say I want to invite you to my Evening Seminar on Tuesday (which I do BTW, book here), I wouldn’t just tell you it’s awesome or anything cliché like that. I would say to you that it’s a great Seminar and you will love it for the following 3 x reasons, 1) You will learn incredible content and meet some great people, 2) You will have a fun time at a great location and 3) It’s FREE!

Putting in good reasons makes one’s argument that much stronger and it all just works.

My advice and thinking? When you are persuading people, use the good old ‘Power of 3’ in your ideas. It makes you that more influential and it helps people understand where you are coming from in less time, making them love you more.

Go the ‘Power of 3’ and best of luck! It works, and you will love it!