Parramatta Chamber of Commerce: Countless clients and years later

Very happy faces at Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. Love their work!

Very happy faces at Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. Love their work!

It is 2:04PM as I get my work done and rest up for one fantastic Parramatta Chamber of Commerce tonight. It is one of Sydney’s top Suburban Chambers by a long shot and it was one of the environments that helped take my business to the next level.

Originally when I started out in business, I got heavily involved in the more ‘Business Breakfast Clubs’. They were great for a good one to two years and I found myself hitting my ceiling there. As I saw the writing on the wall and sensed it was no longer the right place for me, I then journeyed onwards to find places for me to network and meet new people.

It wasn’t until some time later that I started my own workshops in Sydney CBD (which are rocking) and at that time I discovered Parramatta Chamber. I was instantly hooked.

The people were kind, much more affluent that what I have been working with and I felt it was just the right environment for me. They have their Business After 5’s, Business Before 9’s, Business Breakfasts and say every few months they have a great ‘random’ event when say someone powerful comes through town.

As I fell in love with the place I spent my time and energy helping out the Directors, Committee and Staff there through promoting the Chamber, hosting visitors at their events and creating ‘fun noise and energy’ like I do when I enjoy a fine glass of red.

My journey at Parramatta has been a great one and the connections, clients, skills and experience I have gained there has paved the way for many more things for me (including some major speaking gigs and picking up A-Class Clients + Government Agencies).

If it wasn’t for Parramatta Chamber of Commerce, this all probably would never have happened so quickly. In hindsight; if I knew of them when I started my business I would have gone straight there. As I get new clients who are in that part of town I make it a major point to send them there to build their network and new life.

My advice and thinking? If working Western Sydney (and beyond) suits you, Parramatta Chamber is a must. Check out their website, book into a coming event and if you wanted to learn more, you are welcome to contact me and happy to answer any questions.

>> Visit the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce site here to learn more.

Love your work, thank you ‘Parra Chamber’ and appreciate you taking the time to read this fine article!