Overwhelm: When there is a lot riding on you!

It can sometimes feel that way as an entrepreneur! Keep smiling. (Image Credit & Thanks: Fallout + Vault Boy)

It can sometimes feel that way as an entrepreneur! Keep smiling. (Image Credit & Thanks: Fallout + Vault Boy)

It’s 9:01AM Friday and this is the perfect time for me to write this blog. About 10 minutes ago I actually got totally overwhelmed with all the great things racing through my mind and I had to stop and pause.

My thinking was going incredibly well in that it got too busy and at one point it went on a negative spiral. I went in say about 30 minutes from thinking about winning and started to get fixated on the old anxiety loop of “What if all these not good things happen?”

It’s that “What if?” “What if?” “What if” type of situation. I actually used to be very bad when it comes to overwhelm and anxiety of this nature and these days my moments are few and far between.

I just entered that downward spiral but was able to get myself mentally out of it so now I am feeling relieved about the whole process. I think as we get busier, more successful and there are more moving parts in our lives; it’s very easy to get a sense of overwhelm and have anxiety if we aren’t careful and to me it’s critical to ensure we not only prevent it, but have coping strategies in place.

I countered it this time which I am quite happy with and here is my thinking on the topic of preventing / curing such situations:

  • Prevention: Being healthy, fit, keeping up with your workload and consuming positive materials.
  • Curing / Overcoming: Faith, positive mindset, let the emotions pass.

I felt it coming on… The tight chest, fast breathing and the unreasonable extreme worry that wasn’t there 20 minutes ago. I slowed down, breathed deeply, chilled out and now I am back in the zone.

My advice and thinking? This can happen to the best of us and each of us respond in different ways. The trick is that when your negative pattern kicks in, you don’t let it take over too much. I think we have to be forever vigilant. It’s the price of freedom after all right?

Love your work, thanks for the read and trust this helps; make sure you don’t let overwhelm get the better of you.

I won. This time 🙂

P.S. Thank you Fallout & Vault boy for the great inspiring image, you always have me thinking!