Getting clients whilst waiting for Fish and Chips

I shall now think business when I see Fish and Chips!

I shall now think business when I see Fish and Chips!

After a very long drive from Sydney’s Northern Beaches back to where I live, I was certainly famished like many at that time of night.

It was raining, traffic was slow and at about 7:15PM I arrived at Hills Ocean Seafood to pick up (wait for it), really good Seafood!

It’s a great spot and as I walked in there, a nice friendly lady who was waiting in there smiled at me. She recognised me from a Business Breakfast we went too and we started talking.

As luck has it, she has a need for my services and I ended up running out to my car to get a business card and Corporate Profile to give to her. It was quite funny how business and life works in that a simple trip to pick up dinner can instantly turn into business in many great ways.

This is not the first time incredible business opportunities have come my way in that I have even picked up big clients whilst sitting on park benches in North Sydney (seriously). This brings me back to what ‘Networking’ really is.

‘Networking’ is not just going to event and swapping cards; it’s how we behave in our lives and the thinking that that we apply in a regular basis. Business can come at almost any time and to be this brings me to several salient points:

  • You are always being watched! (In a good way).
  • Have a card on you or at least nearby.
  • Be ready to wheel and deal.

Interestingly too, I actually had a bit of a headache (a bit of nice wine at British Chamber last night) and I most certainly didn’t let that dampen my pace. When there is an opportunity go for it!

My advice and thinking? Business can come from anywhere and that is just great. Be ready, smile and go for it!

Love your work and thank you Hills Ocean Seafood for the business opportunities 🙂