Sometimes life and business can be OVERLOADING with so many things going on.  I have attained my own 'Quantum of Solace' by doing less things WAY BETTER.  Do Less More I Say!

Sometimes life and business can be OVERLOADING with so many things going on. I have attained my own ‘Quantum of Solace’ by doing less things WAY BETTER. Do Less More I Say!

Overwhelm sucks.  Let’s face it.  Be it you are at University starting out, in a new job or say starting your business the emotion of “Overwhelm” or more likely:

– Holy F&$K Batman, what on Earth do we do next and how are we going to get it all done?

If anything, that has been my own personal feelings many times when it comes to successfully building and running ones business. Many of my awesome clients and myself included can vouch for this – be it you are starting out or been going for a while and ready to “Expand” it’s going to be quite a bit of work to get you there.

In fact, it can be a lot of work and when you first face the pending job, it can be a very daunting and challenging type of experience.  Not just in terms of the workload, but also having the particular amount of “Cash” to keep it moving.  One challenge in my business was answering this call of duty earlier on.  There was a point early 2014 where I was doing Seminars, Online, Running Copious amounts of Networking Groups and trying to lead a normal life.  It wasn’t normal at all, in fact it was very hard and in those circumstances getting things done was an issue.

When I went on my Global Business Trip May 2014, I took it as a bit of time out to work on my strategy and focus on what I really need to do.  It turned out that I had to make a decision! In fact, I had to:

– Give a few things up and pick a direction!

That is it! I can’t be a Seminar Guy, an Online Guy, a Consulting Guy and the lot all at once.  It wasn’t happening and I thought it all through and made the call to drop the Seminars and focus on Consulting with my Awesome Clients (who made me what I am today) and my Online Strategy.

This was a great call and the strategy has played out just beautifully over the past say 4 – 5 months.  My life is easier, I am getting more done and because I am doing LESS things, I am getting MORE financial performance out of them.  For me now, my life is about getting processes in place, getting it more simpler so I can focus on what I need to do.

My advice? Don’t get burned out like I have and make sure you are keeping a tight focus on your projects.  If you are like me and want to do “Everything” – it’s great ambition and I find it’s not about doing less, it’s about doing more and going DEEPER into what you have so it performs much better.  For example – my Blog is totally rocking and been great for my business. All because I can dedicate more focus to it.

Do LESS things way BETTER! I trust this helps and hit that Overwhelm with a stick I tell you! Of course if you aren’t doing enough, then hit your own butt with the stick x x

Love your work!

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