Always tough when people move on so you got to keep smiling :)

Always tough when people move on so you got to keep smiling 🙂

Be it starting out or being established in business, I have found it never gets any easier when you make close friends and they move on.  Be it clients, good friends and people you spend time with – it’s easy to develop very special bonds with people and they start to become a “Regular” part of your life.

Be it for good reasons or bad reasons, at times people move on.  It may be for the negative in terms of a disagreement that stressed the relationship or even positive in that both of you are so successful working away that you just don’t get to see each other anymore.  In my 2013 I have been so lucky to work with some great people and many are around and part of my inner sphere or influence and some have moved on.

Of course it’s a natural part of life, but if you have been in my position it can be quite hurtful when someone moves on.  One of my close friends moved on at the start of the year which was quite hurtful.  We used to speak all the time, catch up, work together then my friend just felt they wanted to spend more time in other areas and I didn’t get to see them anymore (other than infrequently here and there).

It was very painful.  In especially having my family in Melbourne and being in Sydney with myself and my fine Cat Pandy – friends become I think a bigger part of your life and emotional support than I think in normal cases.  It quite was painful to deal with when this particular person moved on and on a funny note – I spoke to plenty of my friends and clients and found it happens almost to everyone!

When it comes to business too, I think it can be quite an issue too.  In business, we really need to be healthy peak performers and personal knocks can always affect ones business and slow down progress.  So if you are in this position and are still dealing with the pain, here is my personal 5 tip overcoming the pain guide:

1) It’s okay to be in Pain: Nothing wrong with feeling grief when a close friend moves on.  Allow yourself to feel it.

2) Happens to everyone: You so aren’t alone and part of life.

3) Accept it’s a 2 way street: Friendship is a two way street! They must want to stick around too.

4) Don’t blame yourself: You wouldn’t be the first one.

5) Smile and it opens you up to new friendships: God’s way of saying start exploring. People come and go in life and part of the human condition.

Hope that helps if you are feeling a bit blue with a good friend moving on.  I know the feeling and make sure you smile and work your way through the emotions.  After all, you got to be in peak state to totally rock as a Small Business Owner!

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Thanks for the read and take care out there!



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