Lucky to have fine friends like Khadine & Martha.  Nothing like enjoying the Silly Christmas Season in Style!

Lucky to have fine friends like Khadine & Martha. Nothing like enjoying the Silly Christmas Season in Style!

2013 has been the most life changing year for the better in my life – ever! All areas of my life are way better 12 months on (e.g. health, friends, funding, career etc) and I feel high levels of gratitude and appreciation.  I have never had this many friends ever in my life – and I am very lucky to be in the position I am to help so many people.

Although I do feel gratitude, I have also been consumed at times by intense feelings of loneliness, the death of a very close girlfriend of mine in my early 20’s and at times mentally rehashing ends to relationships with partners and close friends that played out in this very rewarding – yet very intense year.

I find that the more I speak out about this topic, the more phone calls I get from people that read my articles who have been through the same thing as me.  A disagreement losing a friendship, relationships ending, when close friends move overseas and death & illness.

For me, I have had some close friends move on from me in 2013.  Be it relationships / dating not working out for me and close business friends who in a change in circumstances – I just don’t to work with or see anymore.

I have also made some brilliant close friends this year, that I totally cherish and appreciate.  I think when you are 35, single and way from family – friends even become more important and when they are close – them moving on hurts that bit more as even though there isn’t a “DNA Link” their emotional link being severed makes it harder.

A lot of my friends have had great people come and go and my big lesson has not only been appreciating ever moment you have with your friends (as nothing lasts forever), but also letting go of the past and:

– No Turning Back!

Even though I and the public generally considers me a “Positive Guy” (which I am), if I am on my own and not careful of my thoughts I can especially think back to previous partners ending their relationship with me and unnecessarily rehashing thoughts.  Even though I am friends with many of them and we are all good – going back into the past I find can be an easy trap.

What I have personally learned with true experience is the “No Turning Back” – as in that bad things happen to all of us and yes – you have to deal with the grief of a situation but then you eventually have to say:

– No Turning Back.  I did the best I could at the time and lived my life as best as I can.  I rolled the dice and I don’t always get my number.  But oh well, always something new ahead.

Business wise I am very happy now and things are going great there and at times, I feel like something is missing.  I always thought I would be married and have children now and even though I have tried many times, I haven’t quite found the person who yet wants to have that role with me, I am sure one day I will find them.

By the “No Turning Back” thinking, it has actually helped me really find myself and be more happy with myself.  It gets you out of the past and the things that are purely just in your mind and gets you into the moment and thinking:

– Well how can I enjoy what I have and continue the journey to find the answers?

So as for me, I know I have got some fun times ahead of me and touch wood I meet that special person soon and when I am thinking “in the now” and into the “future” without regretting the past, I feel so much more awesome than normal.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I love comments and make sure you visit my super fine Awesome Marketing Vault for some fine content.

And Merry Christmas too! Not long to go and I wish you the best wherever or whenever you are!



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    • Thank you Jess! You rock and appreciated. I hope you have a great Christmas as well and thanks 🙂

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