Over the shoulder action cam watching the fine Anna Porter deliver a powerful speech.  Short and sharp messaging for sure!

Over the shoulder action cam watching the fine Anna Porter deliver a powerful speech. Short and sharp messaging for sure!

If you have been to Networking Events at some point, you are probably familiar with the “Elevator Pitch”.  If you haven’t yet, it’s basically where you get up in front of a good people and tell them what you do for a living.  Of course, you want to explain it in a compelling way so it really sticks and helps you sell your services.

Over the years, I would have heard hundreds of these – in fact, possibly thousands.  Right from the eloquent and short, and right through the clumsy and long.  In having to conquer this challenge myself once, over the years I have personally learned that the shorter the better.

Most Networking Groups do anything from 40 seconds to 90 seconds and I have found that often 20 – 40 second rounds are often the most powerful and simple.  Consider this for a second, you are at a Networking Event and there are 30 people there.  If everyone is going for say 120 seconds it can be very painful after then 15th!

So if you are already Networking and pitching and want to tweak your game, or perhaps say you are about to start out – here are some personal points I have found over the years.  I will of course, use myself as an example here:

1) Know your Strength: Besides what you do for a living, what are you really good at that people purchase?

2) Say it in “Street Language”: Easy simple words that get the point across.  Not long stuff that is boring or complex.

3) Know who it’s aimed at: If it’s not so obvious, it can even be handy to mention your Target Market.

4) Make it yours: Don’t use someone else’s words for long, make it your words, so it’s authentic and sounds great.

5) A Strong Claim: Make a great claim that is true and verifiable.

6) Write it down & Practice: At least at the start, to help you understand it.  Then you can take off the training wheels.

7) Tweak and Change: Especially in the same group of people keep tweaking your Elevator Pitch.

For example, my simple line that works great for me is often:

“Hello, I’m Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and I help my clients build 6 and 7 figure business by helping them Master their Sales & Marketing.  Love to help you out and see me for a chat if you are interested”.   

I find this simple message has just worked great and got me plenty of business.  One of my friends Martha Arifin who does websites says:

“Hi Everyone, my name is Martha Arifin and I am a Graphic Designer turned Website Creator and I help my clients stand out Online and promote themselves 24 / 7.  If you need a hand Online, just come and see me for some free tips too”.

The trick is as well is delivering these messages with pure conviction and strength so you just sound amazing, honest and compelling.

I trust that helps so get to it and keep your messages nice and short! If you are keen on learning more too, make sure you visit The Awesome Marketing Vault too – a powerful Course in Marketing!



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