Our successful Meetup HQ Walking Group

Our Meetup HQ Walking Group worked great. Guylian Chocolate Cafe was a great place to start!

I for many months now have pondered what walking groups are like on Meetup.

I for one, LOVE WALKING. It’s how I chill out, lose the weight and even when I am travelling (be it for business or pleasure), I am one to walk around as much as possible to explore an area.

As part of what I do for Meetup New York Global HQ, I am running more Meetup Social Groups to support local Sydney Organisers.

Our first one was a hit at the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, with Pizza, Chips, Wedges and a beautiful view of Sydney. Of course it was a hit!

My next move was to try a walking group. I was thinking to start off around The Rocks (a tourist area of Sydney, also known as ‘Old Sydney’). I was honestly 50 / 50 as to whether this would work or not and it did! We met up at the beautiful Guylian Cafe in The Rocks. Good place to meet up and then we went around to some of the beautiful tourist spots.

Our walk worked well because:

  • Right people: Everyone who came are great. They would have a good time in a Tin Shed!
  • Beautiful Area: Even though it did rain a bit, The Rocks is incredible and great to explore (even Sydney locals haven’t).
  • People like short walks: Going for a 8 hour hike up a mountain is one thing, but people love a good 30 to 45 minute walk around nice areas.

My advice and thinking? If you are looking to start a Meetup Social Group, consider a walking group. Weather can be an issue, however it’s an easy low / no cost easy hit.

Love your work, thank you Sharon Grant for your help, and thank you everyone!