NSW Business Chamber: Highly Recommended

NSW Business Chamber contains Winners. I love it.

Let the truth be known, that I am a massive buff & fanatic for Australian’s Top Chamber.

There are many reasons for that. The main reason being, is that it was the community that helped bring me back from the brink and go to the top of town in what I do.

NSW Business Chamber is a great place and I rightfully get asked why and how I have arrived at my logical conclusion. These are my reasons to help you make your own decisions about this great place:

  • Great events: You won’t run out of events with NSW Business Chamber with their evenings, breakfasts, lunches, partner events and more. The idea is to pick what works for you.
  • Well run events: The team do a great job and are pro’s that run events all the time. They know how to make them run seemingly like clockwork. Frida, Ailesh, Amanda and Glynis are incredible characters to make it work.
  • The RIGHT people: Arguably one of the most important points, NSW BC has a great member base of wealth, successful, generous and influential operators.
  • Well-funded Not-For-Profit: I always compare NSW BC to great organisations like the NRMA. It exists to serve its members and the Chamber is well funded by it’s Business, Government and Member Sponsors (including its great services). This means that for that they provide, it’s very low cost (but very high quality).

I made it there: The fact I am here to write this blog is why I love the Chamber.

>> My advice and thinking? Check out their website here, get to one of their events and get in touch with them.

Love your work, thank you NSW Business Chamber and stay awesome friends!