A nod to the awesome Chris Waters

The legend and the man of the moment - Chris Waters!

The legend and the man of the moment – Chris Waters!

As my business and grown and grown; I find myself becoming ever more grateful for the success I have. This includes a massive thanks to the people that have believed in me in the past, present and those who I don’t know yet that shall trust me in the future.

I have always accepted that ‘luck’ is a massive part of business success with hard work making us slightly ‘luckier’ each time.

Going back some many years, I was again lucky to meet the soft spoken, kind and highly under-rated Brand Strategist and Designer Chris Waters. He was one of the original people to take a ‘punt’ on hiring me before I was proven and we worked together for years in many capacities.

I got the phone call a few weeks back from him saying he was going to return to New Zealand with his family (being originally from there) and I honestly was on an instant downer.

Of course I am very happy for him with his success, but from my own selfish viewpoint it’s sad to have such a great man move on from Sydney. Chris may not actually know this until he reads this blog (as I write it, I think he may be on a plane) – but he has taught me a lot in business and life.

What I really admire and have got from Chris and his friendship over the years was the patience in which he applies to the market. That is he doesn’t rush things, really lets people take their time and he is powerful and understanding what people feel / are going through.

He could really listen to and understand people and as a Brand Strategist & Designer; it allowed him to produce and exceed their expectations as quickly as possible. That is; instead of loosely understanding a client’s desires, taking a shot and missing – he nails projects very early in the process.

My advice and lessons from this one? Awesome people shall come into your life and as many people move on, life circumstances change or they take big wins or losses; it’s great to stay connected. Even though I may be nearly 40, I have lived a very ‘long life’ compared too many full of different and extreme experiences.

You never forget amazing people that impact you for the right reasons.

Chris! This article is a dedication to you in full ‘bromance’ banner. You stay awesome and best of luck to you.

To those who are not Chris reading this article, thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts. My blog only exists when wonderful people like you read it.

Stay awesome, stay tuned and pumped to see Chris’ wins in ‘Kiwi Country!’.