My Daughter’s DISC Behavioural Style – I now have it!

She is going to be a tough one to manage later on. Most likely, I will get 'managed'.

She is going to be a tough one to manage later on. Most likely, I will get ‘managed’.

As someone who has been right into DISC since the early turn of the millennia (and Myer-Briggs too), I was always fascinated with the type of characters my children will be.

What made this issue shift a lot for me, was the fact that I shifted. Even though I have always been on the Dominance / Director end of the profile, I was ‘unhealthy’ for years.

This basically meant in that I was ‘unhealthy’ (in a profiling sense). it wasn’t until recently in life that started expressing more Dominant type of behaviour.

And then I had children! After watching my wonderful daughter Maddie reach 14 months, I could start to tell her DISC Behavioural style. It started becoming obvious from these situations:

·         In a group of children, she would be the one taking over. This included (unfairly) taking the stuff of others and claiming it as her own.

·         Her energy is directed outwards. Saying hello to people and being more interested in people than objects.

·         When things don’t get her way, all hell breaks loose.

She is a Director / Influencer by a long shot. It’s slightly different to my own style being more Director / Relater and I love her work.

I suspect she will be quite the powerful entrepreneur or I could even envision her as a Politician or perhaps even an Officer in the Defence Force.

That’s cool!

My advice and thinking? Get into DISC profiling and it’s fun when you use it on your own family members.

I love it, gives insights into who we are, who they are and what it all means.