Ending ‘Victim Mentality’ in the people around us

Winning kid rocks. He gets it!

Winning kid rocks. He gets it!

One of my professional hobbies is politics. Not so much in a partisan sense, but more in how it impacts our culture, shapes our civilisation; and how we can take advantage of it for us as entrepreneurs.

A fascinating shift worldwide of course has been from the old guard neo-liberal globalist left, to the modern day patriotic, nationalistic right.

There are many reasons for this global shift in our thinking. One key driver of this shift was the ‘victim’ mentality the left now loves. Even though I was a leftie for many years of my life, I (and many) never resonated with this whole “I don’t have X in my life because of Y”.

Be it on racial lines, gender, timing, luck, or whatever cop-outs we have; I never liked this whole thinking that robs us of our personal power. The left of course wants us to be victims, so they can keep us poor, in their control, not thinking too much on our own and of course voting them back in through ignorance.

Victim mentality robs us of success at many levels and I have worked very hard to iron it out of my own thinking over the years. It’s great when you don’t blame other people for your short-comings in that it allows you to do truly do WHAT YOU WANT and go for it. When you think as a LEADER, life becomes sweet, powerful and gives you the ability to create what you want in the world.

As we remove it from our own thinking, it allows us to see it in others. Be it someone I just met or a close loved one; I never tolerate any form of victim mentality from anyone around me. The worst thing I could do is keep my mouth shut, with the best thing correcting them of this form of toxic mental thinking.

My advice and thinking? Never let anyone talk themselves down in your presence. I have talked many people around in this area, and they have turned around their lives to win big. As you transform the lives of others, it creates a very awesome win / win vibe around.

It also helps us police our own thinking, so we don’t revert to old habits.

Love your work, thank you for the read and to us winning big!