Some Brilliant Printed Corporate Profiles promoting my fine services - and thanks to the amazing Lisa Starr on this one!

Some Brilliant Printed Corporate Profiles promoting my fine services – and thanks to the amazing Lisa Starr on this one!

Who wants Awesome Sales Materials?

Yes, you got me.  This article is a very poorly disguised opportunity to show off my amazing brand new Corporate Profiles done by the amazing Creative Designer Lisa Starr (Google Her!).  I have been very lucky to meet and get to know this fine operator through the 4Networking Australia Business Community.

In my line of work as a Marketing Mentor and Business Group Leader, I am usually referring quite a bit of work when it comes to design.  My clients deserve the best and I only refer the best.  After seeing Lisa do some amazing work for other people, I gave her a shot and wow – the results were very impressive.  To prove her quality of work:

– Download my Corporate Profile Right Here!

Of course I am selling you my awesome mentoring services while I am at it and as you go through the document you can see a very well laid-out and creative expression.  One thing I find very odd in the Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching Space is that it’s full of people really selling one of the hardest services of them all – completely intangible advice.  I was very lucky to learn early on during my Post-Graduate in Marketing at Monash University (in Melbourne, Australia) the unique nature of selling intangible services.

Business advice and training can be one difficult sell and what it makes it much easier is what we say in marketing which is “Making the Intangible Tangible”.  Even though for example in say my Personal Mentoring, I am selling “My Advice” – to make it more tangible, I can have great Sales Materials, Testimonials, Online Products to Assist, Worksheets etc.  Basically, I have as much “Physical Collateral” as I can to support my otherwise invisible service that I sell.

This greatly has helped my own conversion rate and this is the way I like to think of things when it comes to selling:

– If I have great Sales Material, it does 1/2 the sell for me.  That helps me make more money with less work.

I think that is one cool concept and even if you are say selling something way more tangible that Consulting / Coaching / Mentoring, may I strongly suggest you consider getting some great sales materials.  It doesn’t have to be the extreme of my Corporate Profile (although it is brilliant) – at times, it could be a well-designed A4 sheet that does the job.

My advice? Why work harder when you can get some nice pieces of paper working hard for you!

And of course talking about awesome intangible services, I’d love you to visit my Online Course the “Awesome Marketing Vault” right here – instant access friends!

Happy Days and nights Awesome Friends and thank you for reading “The Edward Files!” – Edward Zia, Marketing Mentor who loves Lisa Starr and Awesome Sales Materials!



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