Here are some of the secrets to my own success - Chocolate Fueled late nights doing what you love in style!

Here are some of the secrets to my own success – Chocolate Fueled late nights doing what you love in style!

Work Life Balance? Financial freedom with no work? Automated “Turn-Key” systems that make you all the money you want?

Whenever I speak to my clients and friends who are multi-millionaires, almost always the wealthier they are – the more they laugh at “Lazy References” like these and are the first to say something to the effect of:

– Your business is your life and it takes lots of hard work, but it’s fun and rewarding!

Talking personally as well, I have found this to be a very true statement.  For example, I am writing this blog at now 11:03PM and have been up since 6AM today.  On the surface, one may think “Wow, that is really hard-work, how can you do that?” The truth is that as a business owner when you are building your own life and welfare, it’s actually quite easy.

I often hear the comment that “When you do what you love, you aren’t working anymore”.  I quite agree with this sentiment and I remember when I was an employee, I would always feel that my hard work and effort were going nowhere (which turned out to be true in the end!).

But as a business owner? It’s totally different.  The truth is that at times YOU WILL have late nights and YOU WILL do long hours, but it’s all incredibly well worth it in the end.  My advice and thinking to all of you fine people out there is to really understand what a business is. It’s your own Ship, you are your own Captain and smarter and harder you work it – the bigger, flashier and more powerful it’s going to be for you.

With this in mind, motivation can be quite infinite for many of us and nothing makes you want results more than results! I have had some amazing results lately (especially when it comes to Online Product Sales & Marketing) and this just motivates me more and more.

So my friends, do what you love, love what you do, make your business around it and sure – you will have some late nights, but have an awesome successful life along the way.  Of course speaking of success, make sure you check out my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here! Immediate download and trust you will love it.

Happy Days or Nights Awesome friends and thank you from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and Late Night Lover (at times!)



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