This genius always inspires me to put down the Potato Chips and get out there! Health in business is critical in my book!

This genius always inspires me to put down the Potato Chips and get out there! Health in business is critical in my book!

I would hardly compare myself to Hugh Jackman but these days I am quite happy with my health.  Sure, I have some bad weeks – but overall I consider myself fit, strong and in good health.  Since I have been actively working on my health (about over a year ago), I feel better, I can work harder, my outlook is more positive and I make more money.

I certainly doubt anyone would argue what I am saying and I am even more positive that any sane person would want to be unhealthy.  I have been generally healthy most of my life and about 2 years ago I really really dropped the ball.  I got quite porky, sparsely went the gym, I didn’t feel good and my clothes barely fit me anymore.

My “Trigger / Event” point was when I couldn’t fit into my jeans anymore.  I went on a massive health kick and just 3 to 4 months later I was wearing the cool clothes I do today and I noticed some amazing Sales & Marketing Benefits:

– People took me more seriously!

– I could wear better clothes to look the part.

– I felt better, so my confidence would help me sell better.

– My bank account was rising and rising!

I recall some research that was done many years ago at Monash University.  It was replicating some other research from the Mid-West of America where they would get students to do Market Research in the streets.  They would basically dress people badly vs dressing people well and their amount of Research Interviews per hour would be multiples of 400% and more.

As above, I am sure no one disagrees with what I am saying and pointing the bone at myself – why on Earth would someone like me drop the ball when it comes to health?

I am not pretending to be a Psychologist like my friend Joel Curtis or anything! My own street level take is that we just forget how important it is and let other things get in the way.  Be it dropping the kids off, working “Harder” to get things happening or the like.  Over the past 6 to 12 months especially I have found it critical to make time for health. You work smarter, faster, make less mistakes and Mr & Mrs Piggy Bank loves it.

I trust that helps and you enjoy my Sunday article! Also if you get a chance (after you go and exercise) I’d love you to consider my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – full of great marketing and sales tips right here!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who has cut back the Chocolate for now!



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