The ATB Partners Directors, Jim Vass, Paul Rattray and Michael Mekhitarian - Brilliant Operators who live the profitable fun way.  I'll drink to that!

The ATB Partners Directors, Jim Vass, Paul Rattray and Michael Mekhitarian – Brilliant Operators who live the profitable fun way. I’ll drink to that!

I had a very positively whacky start to my week today. Firstly, I have been very lucky to work with the amazing team from ATB Partners.  Secondly, as I walked into their beautiful office on Charles St Parramatta today I could feel a festive spirit to the air.

They all invited me in and it was Monday morning and they had a massive cake with a group of their staff. They had two new staff starting and it was some of their birthdays.  It was a very odd (but super pleasant) start to my week.  Festive times, happy people, magnificent cake and good times for everyone.

The thing that I find very interesting about working with these guys are that in the Sydney Business Scene they are an extremely well respected Accounting Firm – yet they are without ties, having fun while they work and are on the cutting edge of their industry (and are very well respected by many other accountants across town).

Comparing these leaders to other people I know always gets me thinking about success.  If you look at big companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Virgin and the like – we have top companies dressing away from the stuffy suits of the past, enjoying their work and really embracing the “Modern Day Buzzing Workplace”.

If I think about the opposite, that is firms that aren’t doing well – they are more and more “Formal”, “Drab”, “Boring” and full of pretense.  In fact, talking about myself personally – I know people that earn less than half of what I do, and they were suits, think they are just “Brilliant” and are better than me and are not exactly the friendliest people around.

One thing I like about modern times is an evolution in business as I could see at ATB Partners today.  It’s less about wearing fancy suits and about what you deliver, the value you create and the amount of money / success you can empower your own clients to achieve.

My advice and lesson from today? Look at the leaders such as ATB Partners and similar firms and be inspired by their example.  Casual about how they act, but serious about making money – and serious about having fun doing it!

Having fun and making money are NOT opposing concepts and that is a tune I can dance too (and of course speaking of profitable fun, check out my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – right here for instant access).

Happy Days Awesome Friends and keep up the fine work! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor!



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