Building your own Business if Fun, Awesome and it sure can be Whacky at times! It's probably just me.

Building your own Business if Fun, Awesome and it sure can be Whacky at times! It’s probably just me.

As a departure from my normal blogging style, I thought I would more tell my story rather than talk Sales & Marketing Strategies and ideas.

I have reached that awesome point in my business where I never thought I would; I have more than enough work coming my way and it’s very humbling knowing my hard-yards has got me to this put in time.  As my life progresses, my business matures, I focus on Automation and I sit back and consider my life over the past few years I can put it in four words:

“Whacky, Awesome and Love It!”

Well five words and it’s been true.  I have had some dark times, I have driven probably more kilometers that most 36 year olds have, I have literally worked with thousands too.  Hundreds in personal consultations, counting workshops and networking events – it’s in the thousands.  The reason why I use the word “Whacky” is that it’s the best way of describing my life at times.  Be it it’s the floral shirts I wear, everyday something just strange happens to me.

One day I was walking along and I walk into a spiky plant, today I had my cat Pandy trying to lick my nose as I dozed off, yesterday I had phone call after phone call of people alternating between happiness and sadness and Monday was my favourite – I arrive at a brilliant client and they serve me cake at 11AM Monday Morning.

To this day, I am wondering if Whacky things just happen to everyone or it’s something to do with the unique type of business I have.  I pinch myself in gratitude (thank you JC!) in that I get to cruise around town, work with amazing people and get paid for it.  Sure, some days can be long and tricky – but overall, it’s one beautiful time of pure enjoyment.

Even though I am very happy right now, I remember starting out in business is nothing but hard (I can understand why so many don’t last!).  You can have no money, tough times, no clients, rejection and dealing with those issues at the start can be extremely daunting.  I know when one starts out, it’s critical to work through all the negative emotions and do what you believe in.  Eventually it all comes together!

My advice? I don’t have anything in particular from this article but I would love to say one thing –  the more you get out there, the more “Whacky” and fun stories you pick up!

Edward Zia – Whacky Marketing Mentor who is very grateful for good times!



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