With thanks to Southpark who I love greatly, I may be backing off and resting - but make no mistake, it doesn't mean I am a Hippie!

With thanks to Southpark who I love greatly, I may be backing off and resting – but make no mistake, it doesn’t mean I am a Hippie!

This I feel is the perfect time for me to write this article.  I have done some borderline “Ridiculous” hours in my business over the last six weeks.  The thing is that I SO LOVE IT and my problem isn’t being motivated, my problem is the opposite – making myself “Back Off” so I can restore myself.

Talking to conversions with many as well, one fun challenge many of us get in business is balancing out ones “Day to Day” requirements against building “Automation”.  In a way, it’s the “Working In” vs. “Working On” your business argument.

I am all for this, however when you consider the reality of peak projects, commitments, things that “Crop-Up” that require immediate attention, it can be quite a juggling act I think at times.  I think be it you are at University in exam time, you are an employee that has to work for weeks on urgent projects or a business owner like myself – you just get peak times and that is part of life in the big city.

What I am learning now for myself is that “Reality” does happen which makes demands on us, however as much as you can you need to spend time to “Back Off” and give your brain to catch up and process what is happening around you.  For me, as much as I am happy deep down, I do feel a bit flat, a tiny bit down (in my own way) – however as I do “Relax” precious ideas are coming to me.

Instead of say thinking about day to day issues, when I do relax I feel like better, great ideas come to me and when we do make the time to “Work On the Business” we can make just those brilliant improvements.  If anything this weekend has taught me on really keeping this in mind:

– “Please push and stretch yourself, but give yourself time to restore and balance out!”

Now of course, I am not saying I will head to the park with my Guitar or get in a circle with my friends and sign Kum Ba Ya or anything hippy like that.

And speaking of great things that aren’t hippy but help one build powerhouse businesses, make sure you check out my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here! You so shall love it I think x x

Happy Days Friends and to Awesome Ideas Flowing!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Non-Hippie who loves chilling out every now and then!



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