Michael Gioffre is a very smart guy

Michael Gioffre is a very smart guy. I love his work!

Michael Gioffre is a very smart guy. I love his work!

When you have worked the streets of Sydney like I have over the past years, you start getting a very sophisticated radar for successful people.

I used to be very naïve when I first came to Sydney, however this great place has taught me many great lessons.

One of them, is working out who you should listen too.

Michael Gioffre from Mitronics is one of them and I was grateful to meet him for Coffee, Cheese & Crackers one late afternoon at Novotel Parramatta.

We exchanged ideas and I even though I already thought this prior to our meeting, he only reinforced that he is a smart guy.

When we spoke about Sales, he made some great points that his decades of experience illustrated:

  • Everyone sells different and that’s great
  • You got to do great numbers every day
  • Keep going each day, and you take over the place

I loved these great ideas that he shared which although weren’t new to me, hearing them from him in such simple terms reinforced them.

My advice and thinking? Michael is very smart. Connect with him.

Love your work, thank you Michael Gioffre and thank you Roger Amir for connecting us!